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Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director

You’ve probably seen Gwen Flamberg on The Today Show, Good Morning America, E! News and Extra making comments about beauty and celebs. As the beauty director of Us Weekly, Gwen is on top of all the latest news and trends in the beauty industry.


Get the look with these picks:

  • Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director


    “I’ve been combining Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray with a Kai roll-on for years. I love how the earthy floral adds a feminine edge to the clean, masculine musk. What I love most is it’s my own creation.”
  • Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director


    “I get shiny fast. Unless I’m on TV, I loathe powder - it creates a cakey, dry look that just doesn’t resemble skin. Blotting paper soaks up oil and sweat so your skin looks fresh and dewy but never greasy.”
  • Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director

    Slough Love

    “A super gentle exfoliator is key. I swear by Fix Malibu Wish Wash, a powder cleanser that refreshes skin without stripping it - perfect to use in the morning before applying your face.”
  • Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director

    Lip Candy

    “I’m newly obsessed with one of the Taylor Swift for CoverGirl products, NatureLuxe Gloss Balm. The balm is sheer and just a touch shiny - it creates that I-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle look - divine for summer.”
  • Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director

    Skin Saver

    “I’ve learned that I’ve got to make my eyes stand out with lots of liner and mascara to look alive on screen, but most importantly, I perfect the look of my skin before making up. Before a TV appearance, I apply SK-II Facial Treatment Mask to plump up skin.”
  • Gwen Flamberg, beauty Director

    Beauty Elixir

    “It does everything from smoothing fine lines to building collagen and eradicating redness. A few drops under any other product will make it perform better and give you clear, glowy, goddess-like skin.”