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31 Days of Pink: October 9

By Klaudia Tirico / October 8, 2012

For the ninth day of our 31 Days of Pink Odessey with essie cosmetics, we bring you a sexy way to add length to your nails without the commitment of faux tips. 

This lace-tip manicure is a must for your next hot date night. It makes your nails appear longer and the sexy lace gives your hands a touch of seductive glamour. To get this look, paint your nails with a light, creamy shade of pink. We used essie polish in Like to Be Bad. Then, we topped it off with a quick-dry top coat. To get the lace tips, we took a long peice of lace ribbon and cut out oval shapes based on our nail size. While the top coat was still wet, we gently placed the lace half way down the nail using a tweezer. Make sure part of lace comes out past your nail. Finally, we took a black striper polish to create a black line at the base of the lace. 

We used: 

essie polish in Like to Be Bad

- essie Good to Go topcoat

- lace ribbon from a crafts store

- Art Deco black striper polish

- tweezers