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3Floz To Launch Airport Vending Machines This Summer

By Klaudia Tirico / April 3, 2013

We hate to bring up sore subjects but how many times has the TSA made you throw out your beloved beauty products at security? We know how you feel, and so do the folks at 3Floz - the site that carries all your favorite beauty products in small packages for travel. We always visit the site before our vacays to make sure our beauty bags are filled with only TSA-friendly goodies. Now, 3Floz is launching airport vending machines so you can stock up on everything you need while you wait to board your flight. (We can hear your sigh of relief from here.) The automated retail machines are said to launch at 25 major US airports in August 2013 and will carry everything from sunscreen to hairspray, to travel kits and gift items. Packing is will be so much easier and our beloved beauty products can be left safely at home. Phew!