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Abercrombie’s Cologne Smell Makes Shoppers “Anxious” + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 30, 2014

Is the potent cologne scent piped through Abercrombie stores part of the reason the chain’s sales are declining? A team of researchers from Concordia’s John Molson School of Business found that the retailer’s signature scent makes shoppers feel anxious and claustrophobic. No wonder walking in the place gave us flashbacks to sweaty, cologne-soaked high school dances. [Huffington Post]
Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent makeup artist reveals how to get killer cheekbones through contouring, no crazy prosthetics required. [The New York Times - T Magazine]
This horoscope-inspired nail art is so cool, it just might make the skeptic in you want to consult the stars. [Refinery29]

Photo: via Refinery29

At least one thing about Kimye’s wedding was semi-affordable: the bride’s makeup. Here’s a list of every product Kim’s makeup artist used on her that day. [The Cut]
“All-natural” products aren’t always better. Turns out those essential oil based mosquito repellents could be doing you more harm than good, and DEET isn’t as scary as you might think. [Mother Jones]
Pat McGrath’s green juice recipe for glowing skin: you know you wanna. [Style.com]