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Beauty Blood Doping?

By Beauty Blitz / November 6, 2012


Athletes like Lance Armstrong aren't the only ones injecting themselves to enhance their performance. The professionally pretty are "doping" now, too, and not just with Botox-filled syringes. Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Madonna are among the celebrities said to be fans of IV vitamin therapy, the latest weird procedure that promises to improve skin and increase energy.
Clients looking for a boost are hooking up to intravenous drips containing potent vitamin doses at clinics such as Manhattan's Patients Medical and the IV Nutrient Therapy Center in Beverly Hills. The injections are administered by medical professionals, who tout mainlining nutrients as a cure for whatever ails you: B12 for energy, vitamin C to fend off colds, Myers' Cocktail (a blend of magnesium, calcium and B and C vitamins) for anti-aging. The tripeptide glutathione, which has been injected intravenously to treat Parkinson's disease and MS, even has melanin-blocking abilities - think extreme brightening serum. 
Even though certain celebs have been swayed, the jury's still out on whether injecting these vitamin cocktails actually has any health or beauty benefits - so don't expect to get a referral from your derm just yet.
Would you ever hook up to an IV to look younger?