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Beauty Dictionary: Tightline

By Beauty Blitz / December 27, 2012


Our series on industry lingo lets you expand your beauty vocabulary.
1. A fishing technique that involves keeping the line taut in order to feel a fish bite.
2. A way to fake lusher lashes.
If this eye liner technique isn’t already a staple in your beauty arsenal, you’ll want to learn it ASAP. Basically, it involves lining the upper rim of the eye between the hairs (not to be confused with the inner rim, or waterline) to create the effect of darker, thicker lashes. Since the makeup seamlessly blends into the lashline, the look is sometimes called “invisible eyeliner” - and it works just as well with liquid formulas as it does with pencil or even powder mixed with water on a brush. Laura Mercier even makes a Tightline Cake Eye Liner designed specifically for the task.