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This New Tool Tells You if Your Eyebrows Are on Fleek

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 18, 2015

All it takes is one look at a Cara Delevingne selfie to make me feel insecure about my eyebrows. Are they too thin? Noticeably asymmetrical? Arches off-center? Is it obvious that I’ve been shaping them myself for the past six months without professional intervention?
Now there’s a way to find out, and it doesn’t even involve being scolded by your threading lady for waiting too long to see her. Benefit has launched an online Brow Genie Tool that assesses your facial geometry to show you what your ideal brows would look like — and whether or not you’re currently acing it in the arch department.
Here’s how it works: you visit the tool’s website via your mobile phone or tablet, where it will prompt you to take a selfie. Once your photo has been uploaded, the tool will walk you through the steps to determining your most flattering brow shape — basically a digitized version of the trick where you trace an invisible line (or hold a brush) from your nose outward to determine where your brow should begin and end. Finally, the app will draw a very realistic-looking, ideal set of brows over your existing arches, complete with a before-and-after slider that lets you see how your IRL eyebrows measure up to your recommended shape.
I personally was relieved to see that my brows were more or less in line with where they should be for the most flattering results. I also noticed a couple spots that could use some fill-in help with a pencil, namely the inner corners that didn’t quite extend as close to my nose bridge as they should. Luckily, the tool also recommends products that can help create arches that give even Cara’s  brows a run for their money. Try it and see for yourself.