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Best of the Hamptons: Ganeaux

By Klaudia Tirico / August 14, 2013

We discovered some of our favorite Hamptons shopping destinations by simply strolling through the streets. This was the case for Ganeaux. While walking down Main Street in Amagansett, we came accross this small clothing, accessories and cosmetics boutique with clean interiors and a variety of eclectic designers displayed immaculately on rolling racks and wooden tables. 
Ganeaux, which opened in November of 2012, feels more Soho than beachy Amagansett. Owner Christin Ganeaux fills the store with her own unique finds - mostly all American-made clothing and jewelry designers. But while men and women can enjoy the minimalist clothing selection, we were immediately drawn to the "medicine cabinet" display that stood against the wall. 

Packed with an assortment of different, under-the-radar cosmetics brands like Sachajuan, Mox Botanicals and Stop The Water While Using Me! (yup- that's an actual brand), the "medicine cabinet" at Ganeaux is a go-to section for no-fuss skin, hair and body care. Men will love the unisex-approved packaging - no frilly, pink products here! 

A highlight at Ganeaux is the endless supply of charcoal skin and body care - a star ingredient that cleans out dirt and oil from pores and refines skin. The store carries brands like Morihata Binchotan, a Japanese line based on activated charcoal. The brand also features pumice stones, tooth brushes, and facial stones all made from burnt (and later cooled) oak branches that promise to enhance blood circulation.  

Nestled between rows of sunglasses and Mox Botanicals lip butters, we came across Ganaeux-brand jars of sweet smelling candles. We were smitten with unique blends like Ocean Driftwood Seagrass Sand and Coffee Arabica Tonka Bean Oak. Plus, the hand-written lables give off that one-of-a-kind feel, making them really special.
Ganeaux is your one-stop-shop for chic clothes, unique accessories, niche cosmetic brands and then some. We're positive you'll find something new every time you walk in.
Ganeaux is located at 167 Main Street in Amagansett, New York.