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Why You Should Embrace Your Grown-In Roots, Just Like Beyoncé

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / December 17, 2013

As Beyoncé sings on her new album, pretty hurts and nothing hurts quite like realizing that your expensive hair color is showing its age a mere few weeks after getting it done. But according to Bey's own colorist, Rita Hazan, dark roots can actually be a good thing.

"The roots give it an edgier look, and with her olive skin, the darkness at the roots is needed to add depth so that she can go very light while complementing her skin tone," Hazan says, referring to the two-toned color she created for Beyoncé in her new video album. "A solid blonde can wash out anyone with an olive skin tone, so the roots help to give the color depth." (Kim Kardashian's dark to blonde ombré color is another good example of this effect at work.)

Hazan suggests using her Rita Hazan Root Concealer, $25, to create a darkened root effect on the fly. Or you could go the lazy girl route (which we prefer): just skip your next touchup appointment.