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This Braided Ponytail Goes from Barre Class to Brunch

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 31, 2014
How many ways can you switch up a basic ponytail? We’ve already covered the just don’t-care chignon and the two-textured ponytail. For the final part in our series, Isabel Guillen, stylist at John Barrett Salon in NYC, shows us how to create a cool, braided ponytail that works as well for a workout (no flyaways in front!) as it does for Sunday brunch.

Step 1: If your hair is wavy, use the barrel of a curling iron to smooth out some of the texture. Don’t use a flat iron; it will make the hair too straight.
Step 2: Rub a bit of styling balm between your palms. We used John Barrett Be Hold Styling Balm ($20).
Step 3: Rake the product through the top section of your hair to add grip and manageability. 
Step 4: Take a section of hair from the top and start braiding. (Just use your hands to section off the hair; it should look a little messy.) An inside-out braid will show up better on dark hair, says Guillen. To make one, just weave the outer sections under the middle section instead of over it. Secure the braid with an elastic.
Step 5: Loosen up the braid so it’s not too perfect. 
Step 6: Gather the rest of your hair with your hands, not a brush.
Step 7: Pull the remaining hair into a ponytail, leaving the braid out. 
Step 8: Take a long piece of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and loop it through the braid a few times. The idea is to hide the elastic while also holding the style together. Secure the wrapped piece with a hairpin.
Step 9: Tease the ponytail at the base to add some height.