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Woman Gives Bratz Dolls a Makeunder, The Result is Glorious

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / April 9, 2015

Kids are probably too absorbed in their various apps to care about Bratz dolls these days, but the heavily made up, provocatively dressed toys were a major fad in the early 2000s. They were also a source of controversy — critics argued that they took everything anti-feminist about Barbie dolls to an icky extreme. They’re basically the Real Housewives of the playroom.
But one woman decided to give the overly made up dolls a new lease on life. When Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh was between jobs in January 2015, she began upcycling old dolls as a hobby. She’d purchase used Bratz dolls at secondhand stores, wipe away their painted on features with nail polish remover, and draw on new, naturally beautiful faces minus the cat eye liner and pouty lips. She’d also reshape their feet to be flat, not deformed to fit into high heels. The result is Tree Change Dolls, her line of adorable upcycled dolls that actually look like real people, not terrifying cartoons.
Since she started the project, Singh has gotten a ton of media attention — it seems her madeunder dolls have struck a chord. Watch her tell her story in this awesome video.