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A Bubbly New Treatment for Younger Skin

By Klaudia Tirico / March 1, 2011


~H2O+'s Weekly Active Foam Mask ($32, h20plus.com), from the brand's new Aqua Firm line, is my new best friend. Not only does the foaming mask leave skin feeling totally refreshed, it firms skin with marine microspheres that penetrate skin and tap the body's own moisture to plump up visible lines.

As soon as I applied the gel-cream to my face, the formula foamed up right in front of my eyes and for the next five minutes, I experienced a bubbling sensation all over my skin. I imagined it as a glass of champagne for my face (cheers to a younger complexion!). After I washed it off, my skin immediately felt tighter. I topped it off with the Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum ($44, h20plus.com) for extra wrinkle prevention.

The best part is that the Foam Mask only requires a once-a-week application, so I felt like I was doing my part to prevent aging without having to spend extra minutes in the bathroom every night - although with this product, I totally wouldn't mind.