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The New Spray That Makes Cool-Girl Hair Effortless

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 28, 2014

You probably know her. The cool girl whose Instagram is a effortlessly curated blend of chic brunches and tasteful selfies, and who manages to find all the good clothes at vintage stores. She has a few artfully placed tattoos and none of them are blurry. Her life would make the most gorgeous blog, if she cared enough to blog (she has better stuff going on). And her hair? It’s the perfect imperfect languid wavy texture that never gets frizzy, and P.S., she doesn’t have to do anything to get it to look that way.
The sad truth is that, for the rest of us, achieving undone cool-girl hair is way harder than getting a smooth, bouncy blowout. (That’s why fashion shows require a team of hairdressers to make models look like they just rolled out of bed.) But Bumble & bumble’s latest finishing product, the new Cityswept Finish spray ($29), makes the quest for “lived in” hair require fewer minutes of your actual life — you know, ones you could be spending with your beautiful friends in a sunlit backyard somewhere (#lazysundays).
The fine mist brings out hair’s piece-y texture and waves while softening strands and taming flyaways. It’s ideal for adding definition to naturally wavy hair, or for deconstructing a too-pretty blowout, and since it’s entirely un-crunchy, you can build your texture to suit your look. Think of it as a greatest hits hybrid of hairspray, styling cream and dry conditioner.
Oh yeah, and that cool girl we talked about? She wants to know how you get your hair to look like that.
Photo by: Taylor Cox