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Caviar Beads Make Pretty Eyeliner at Ohne Titel Fall 2015

By Klaudia Tirico / February 13, 2015

Fashion Week has officially kicked off in New York City, and the unique trends are already rolling in. Case in point: caviar beads used as eyeliner at Ohne Titel’s Fall 2015 show. 
You may remember Peter Philips’ use of fabric, leather and satin strips at Fendi and Dior, but makeup artist Kabuki took it to another level with his use of tiny purple beads right under the lower lash line. The look was super subtle and not as obvious as strips, making them slightly more wearable than Philips' version. If you dare.

Instead of using eyelash glue to adhere the beads on the models’ faces, Kabuki opted for watered-down Elmer’s glue! He told Style.com that the glue is actually safe to use and is much easier to take off. Good to know! 
Would you try this interesting look? 
Images: Getty