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Rashida Jones, Actress

Rashida Jones is a regular on Parks and Recreation and has starred in movies like The Social Network and Our Idiot Brother. She’s currently partnering with Dove on the “Make Friends With Your Hair” campaign, and she dished to us her favorite beauty must-haves.

Get the look with these picks:

  • Rashida Jones, Actress

    Best Scent

    “I wear Midnight Orchid by Susanne Lange. It's a very feminine but not overpowering scent with vanilla and flowers. I like it because it doesn't smell like perfume, more like an oil.”
  • Rashida Jones, Actress

    Think Pink

    “I always have a cream blush in my bag. Right now I love this Sue Devitt bright pink color.”
  • Rashida Jones, Actress

    Shine Fix

    “I never used to wear powder because I like to see the real glow of skin but now I just hit my chin and nose with a little T. LeClerc powder so I don't look like I just ran a marathon.”
  • Rashida Jones, Actress

    Perfect Duo

    "I am loving the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner. It smells so good, doesn't weight down my hair but it has almond oil which makes it very shiny."
  • Rashida Jones, Actress

    Eyes Have It

    “I just got this insane Laura Mercier eye shadow – eye paint in Burnished Copper. It's almost a chocolate/slate color and sparkly and so easy to apply. I never wear eyeshadow but this is an instant party.”
  • Rashida Jones, Actress

    SPF Ready

    “My mother was the queen of sunblock - even before the rest of the world caught on to how important it is. I use a Bare Minerals 30 SPF powder now; it's easy to take with me.”