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CK One Launches a Huge Digital Intiative

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / March 1, 2011

Remember ck one? Well, this particular fragrance brings me back to the halls of my middle school, where I rocked this awesome scent. I thought this cool unisex scent would boost my own cool factor, so I spritzed away.

I don't have to take a trip down memory lane anymore to experience ck one, because it's coming back in a very big way - in the form of the company's largest digital initiative ever! Today the brand is revealing the multiple digital platforms ranging from online, mobile, print and (of course!) social media to promote ck one the lifestyle brand, which includes jeans, underwear and fragrance.

The website ckone.com features multiple videos of over 30 men and women picked to represent the ck one brand, the ck one mobile app, a link to follow Calvin Klein's Twitter page and a chance for anyone to join the models in "the ckone box." All the content is made to be interactive and shared via social networking sites.

Some of the models are, well, models, like Lara Stone, Fei Fei Sun and David Agbodji, but other models were chosen to represent a range of backgrounds like Japanese student and singer Tomo Aki Kurata, American musician Ian Mellencamp, and British boxing champion Robert Evans.