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The Liner Trick that Makes Eyes Glow

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 7, 2014

The scene can get pretty crazy in the beauty prep area at Fashion Week. Yesterday, backstage at Creatures of the Wind’s show, I was sandwiched between a giant zoom lens and a trashcan for 10 minutes while a crowd of models and makeup artists tossed half full cups of coffee over my shoulder. But learning genius new (to me) tricks from pros like James Boehmer, Nars Director of Global Artistry, makes all the claustrophobia worth it.
For the designers’ Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Boehmer based the makeup look around “a sense of purity and illumination.” The focal point was a shock of metallic blue Nars Khao San Road Larger Than Life Eyeliner on the lower, inner rims of models’ eyes — and the look really was striking, not to mention totally doable for those of us who aren’t quite as skilled as Boehmer and his team.
“It’s more of an effect, really, than a color. You see the color, but it also makes the girls’ eyes look really big and really dreamy and ethereal,” Boehmer explained. 

Boehmer preps a model backstage at Creatures of the Wind.
If electric metallic blue isn’t currently in your makeup bag rotation, consider this: “Blue is really good because it makes the eyes look whiter, so you get this sort of glowing effect,” Boehmer said. And everyone can pull it off. “Because it’s just on the inside, it’s not outside of the eye at all, it works with every girl’s eye shade.”
Boehmer complemented the blue liner with luminous skin, courtesy of Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and rosebud salve on the cheekbones, plus a custom honey lip gloss concocted using a new-for-Fall-2014 Matte Multiple shade and clear lip gloss. Easy, right? Color me inspired.
Photos courtesy of Nars.