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Currently Coveting: Sephora Holograms

By Klaudia Tirico / March 14, 2013

Move over metallics, the 90s-esque holographic finish is all the rage right now. From Stella McCartney's chic holographic clutches to these more accessible Sephora Collection cosmetic bags and beauty kits, a colorful, iridescent accessory is a must-have for spring. These bags would look great with a chic, all-white ensemble; so don't just keep your makeup in them, wear them out and show them off!

Sephora Collection Holographic Bag Collection ($20-$32)

We’re buying multiples of these cosmetic bags to stash our makeup and wear as a clutch this season.

Sephora Collection Mini Skinny Brush Wrap ($18)

Update your brush collection with this travel-friendly clutch packed with a powder, shadow and liner brush.  It also comes in a full-size, five-piece version!

Sephora Collection Finger on the Pulse Mani Kit ($20)

You’ll find yourself DIY-ing your manicure more often with this handy case of essential tools complete with an angled cuticle nipper, scissor, nail clipper, sapphire nail file, tweezer, and cuticle pusher.