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Why Danilo Applies Eyeliner in the Elevator

By Polly Blitzer / September 27, 2019

Guyliner has been a thing for a while, but there's one dude whose technique leaves beauty editors asking, "How?" For over 10 years, I've been dying to ask hairstylist Danilo what brand of eye liner he uses. It's never smudged or faded. His rims always look crisp. I've tried countless waterproof gel pens and liner sticks in search of a long-lasting line. But nothing stays put. It turns out, Danilo's liner is homemade, and he applies it in the elevator without a mirror. Gasp!
"My best friend's nanny from her childhood lives in Iran and makes real Persian kohl - kajal - out of burnt green almonds and they add an oil to it. I've worn it for 30 years. But I found this new kajal in Paris, it's in a gold compact. The way that a lot of women in the Middle East do it is you put it in your eye, close your lids and pull it across, and it does both rims at once. I call it 'elevator eye makeup,' because the doors close, then boom, boom. You get out perfectly made up. No mirror!"