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A Texturizing Powder for People Who Hate Clean Hair

By Klaudia Tirico / November 13, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you hate the feeling of clean hair. Or am I the only one? The second my hair is blow-dried and styled, I do everything in my power to add grit and texture so it doesn’t feel so fresh and soft. Is that weird? Texturizing sprays are my usual go-to, but sometimes they can leave a wet residue behind that ends up making my hair look greasy. Same goes for dry shampoo. That’s why I use a straight powder product instead of an aerosol can. 
This new Davines texturizing dust is a great alternative to sprays. It has a really interesting, sticky texture (perfecting for adding grit) that feels cold and wet, but isn’t. It’s really hard to explain; you’ve got to try it to get it. Dubbed This Is A Texturizing Dust ($28), the product is made with silica powder that offers up absorbing and volumizing properties. It even has hydrating benefits, too. I especially love the pretty FSC-certified wrapping with a hidden message inside. It almost made me not want to open it!