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This Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is Way Better Than a DIY

By Klaudia Tirico / February 25, 2015

With so many great hair products out there, there's never a reason for me to go the DIY route when washing my hair. I’ve been bleaching it for years, so I need effective products that guarantee great results — not trial and error kitchen chemistry. So while I like an all-natural option as much as the next person, using something like apple cider vinegar to cleanse my hair never crossed my mind. But when this dpHUE ACV hair rinse appeared on my desk, I was intrigued to find out if all the claims about the beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar washes are legit. 

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you should know that it is known to work wonders on skin, hair and your inner well being. The biggest benefit of ACV is its ability to balance out your body’s pH levels. Drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar a day helps aid digestion and even promotes weight loss. (Although, I’ve attempted it before and just could not bear the taste – it’s awful.)

When it comes to hair, ACV is pretty impressive, but not as impressive as dpHue’s version. Of course, the formula is made up of mostly ACV, but dpHUE added some modern color-locking technology and conditioning ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera to take the rinse up a notch. Together, they work to wash away product buildup, increase shine and vibrancy and protect the hair from heat styling and breakage. 

I don’t like to wash my hair often, which works out for me because my hair is so bleached, it doesn’t get oily. So I can literally go days without washing it and it still looks fresh. When I tried the rinse for the first time, my hair was about five days dirty (still looked fab, though) so this baby had a lot to prove. All I can say is it did not disappoint. The ACV wash cleansed my hair just as well (if not better) than other shampoos and my hair didn’t feel dry and unruly after I rinsed it out. I did put a little bit of conditioner on my ends because I need all the hydration I can get, but I could have gotten away with the rinse only. My hair looks and feels fantastic, and now I’m 100 percent on board with ACV. 

The ACV Hair Rinse by dpHUE is available online for $32.