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The One Type of Eyeliner That Will Never Smudge

By Klaudia Tirico / September 26, 2014

Fendi Spring 2015 

If you ask me, makeup artist Peter Philips is going to put eyeliner out of business. Liquid, pencil and gel formulas are getting swapped out for fabric, leather and satin eyeliner strips on the runways and we’re so into the look. If you’ve ever dreamt about the day when you'll never have to deal with smudged eyeliner again, you’re going to be on board too. 

Spring Spring 2013

Let’s go back to Spring 2013, when Philips cut up Fendi’s neoprene swimsuits (gasp!) to create a color blocked lower eyeliner look out of the fabric. It was a bold move and a serious beauty statement. But we figured it was just a one hit wonder. Now, two years later, for the fashion house’s Spring 2015 look, Philips cut strips of Fendi’s leather hair ties and, you guessed it, turned the strips into eyeliner. This time, the baby blue strip was layered on top of a black eyeliner to go with the cool leather hair accessories. But Philips didn’t stop there. 
Today, at Dior’s show in Paris, Philips applied satin eyeliner stickers in “chemical pastel” colors to the models’ upper eyelash line. Three’s a charm, right? So how did he get all these strips of fabric on models’ eyelids anyway? It’s easy; Philips used eyelash glue – duh!
Would you ditch your typical eyeliner formulas for the fabric kind or should this trend stay on the runways? Personally, I’d give them a go.