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Japan’s Best-Selling Mascara Just Got an Upgrade

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / April 30, 2015

Women in Japan are lash-obsessed in a way that’s hard to imagine without seeing it up close. Like, entire drugstore aisles devoted to every type of false lash you could imagine obsessed. And it’s no coincidence that a Japanese makeup artist invented the most iconic lash curler of all time. In fact, the whole idea of adding tiny fibers to mascara to make eyelashes look longer and lusher — now a common theme in the beauty aisle at home — originated in Japan with the “paint-on false lashes” product d.j.v. Fiberwig, which debuted in 2001. Fiberwig has gone on to become the best-selling mascara in Japan, and now it’s relaunching in the U.S. with a newly upgraded formula and a slightly tweaked name.
The new d.j.v. Miaray Fiberwig ($19) features a Film Coating Technology that encapsulates fibers along with the natural lashes to create a smooth surface that won’t clump. Because the fibers are highly adhesive, you can build them out to stretch the tips of your lashes to extension-level lengthiness. You can even add the fibers as a finishing touch on the tips of your lashes after using another mascara in your makeup bag, because mascara layering is a thing and many makeup artists swear by it.
The new formula also features added extracts to nourish lashes: apple fruit extract, honey and royal jelly extract. All of these help smooth the cuticle of your lash hairs. Yes, your eyelashes have a cuticle layer just like the hairs on your head, and you should definitely care about it. A damaged, roughed up cuticle makes breakage more likely. Who wants broken stubby lashes? Not Japanese girls, and not you.
The new d.j.v. Miaray Fiberwig launches exclusively at Ulta stores and at ulta.com beginning in May.