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#NoFilter? No Way: A New Website Calls Out Instagram Fakers

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 13, 2014

When even Beyoncé (maybe) retouches her selfies, you know you can’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Now there’s proof, in the form of a new website that unmasks some of the photo sharing service’s biggest phonies. Filter Fakers is an automated Tumblr that pulls in photos tagged #nofilter and analyzes whether they are, in fact, filtered. So busted!

Nature may have created this sunset, but an app enhanced it.

Scrolling through the site reveals tons of too-good-to-be-true selfies, tree-lined landscapes and, inexplicably, pets (why lie about using a filter on a French bulldog? who knows). While we have no problem with the idea of editing pictures and do it all the time — photo enhancing apps are like after-the-fact makeup! — at least own up to it.
Now we just need a tool to verify that #nomakeup shot required a minimum of four products and that no, nobody really #wokeuplikethis.