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Flower Power at Prabal Gurung - NYFW Spring 2012

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / September 12, 2011

Araki may be more known for his erotic photography, but Prabal Gurung drew from the prolific photographer’s images of orchids for his latest collection. The models have a certain beauty to them that’s also quite futuristic.

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury for MAC was inspired by the vivid flower imagery and the bold colors. “The way we translate that in the makeup, we have this matte lip juxtaposed with this beautiful dewy sci-fi highlighted skin,” she said. “We wanted it to feel sensual, intoxicating but strong and powerful.”

“To create the orchid like effect coming out of her mouth, we create this whole thing with darkness and light,” Charlotte said. “It starts with a black in the lip and then a dark purple, into magenta into a fuchsia into a fluo pink. And we’re slightly overdrawing the lip but with a soft blended out line.”

To complement the powerful makeup, lead stylist Didier Malige for Fekkai opted for a simple hair look that also makes a strong statement. “It’s a woman with super, super confidence, and she doesn’t hide her face,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is have the top part wet with a dry look in the back. It’s very directional.”

As in seasons past, Jin Soon Choi created the nail art using shades from Prabal’s collaboration with Sally Hansen. “Prabal Gurung has a very soft plus very strong statement together, so I tried to create two-color combination nail art with the Lacey Lilac underneath and then on top Loves Me Not that Prabal created for this collection.”

Because the Spring 2012 shade Loves Me Not comes with a fat, rounded brush, Jin Soon said it’s such an easy look to try at home.

The rest of Prabal’s shades for Sally Hansen can also be seen in the clothes, but the deep violet shade on the nails best complements the orchid-like lips.