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Wake Up Pretty with This Firming Night Mask

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 8, 2015

The overnight mask category just keeps getting bigger…because, duh, they’re awesome. These no-rinse treatments are designed to lock in moisture along with complexion-boosting ingredients while you sleep, which they do by creating a breathable barrier on your skin. (That’s what makes them masks and not just thicker night creams.) Think of a night mask as your face’s own personal humidifier.
Now Fresh is getting in on the overnight action. The brand’s just-launched Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask ($92) promises to have a “corset-like effect on the skin” thanks to the same antioxidant-rich, elasticity-boosting complex found in the existing Black Tea range products. It also contains extract of the Belle de Nuit flower, a wild plant that only blooms at nighttime and also happens to have a balancing effect on skin. When I tried it, not only did the thick, creamy mask make my skin feel instantly softer, I swear its soothing scent gave me sweet dreams. The next morning, my skin looked like it had had the best sleep of its life — even though I got nowhere close to eight hours. And don’t worry, the mask soaks right into your skin so the only thing left on your pillow is the imprint of your well-rested head.