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Recreate the Armani Privé Makeup Look for Your Next Date Night

By Klaudia Tirico / July 9, 2015

Couture Week is full of unexpected beauty looks, a.k.a. nothing we’d be willing to recreate IRL. But that wasn’t the case at Giorgio Armani’s Privé show this week. The bold, yet subtle-enough-to-wear makeup created by Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist Linda Cantello is just the kind of feminine edge we’ve been looking for. Cantello simply describes it as, “shocking,” and we couldn’t agree more. Of course, it’s the good kind of shocking. Cantello gives us the complete step-by-step so you can perfect this runway look for your next date night.  

Step 1: Skin
“Prepare the skin with the new Giorgio Armani treatment lotion Crema Nera Extrema Aqua Pantelleria (available September 2015), and the Crema Nera Extrema Supreme Reviving Cream.” 
Step 2: Face  
“Depending on the skin tone, apply Crema Nuda in shade 1 (nude glow) or 2 (light glow), or Maestro Fusion Makeup in shade 2 or 4, with hands to achieve a very pale and natural skin. [Then}, apply High Precision Retouch when needed.” 
Step 3: Cheeks 
“A custom-made blush made of Crema Nuda in shade 1 (nude glow) and pink pigment is applied onto the cheekbones.” 
Step 4: Eyes 
“Define the upper lash line with the Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in shade 8. Then blend with Eye Tint in shade 7 and stretch out the outer corner. Finish with a thin line of Eye Tint in shade 12 close to the lash roots.” 
Step 5: Brows 
“Mix Eye & Brow Maestro shade 1 with shade 13 (platinum) from the Eye Show It All collection (available January 2016) to create grey lengthened and groomed brows. Finish by brushing the brows with the silver shade from the Luxe Is More palette (Holiday Collection, available November 2015).”

Step 6: Lips 
“Apply Ecstasy Lacquer in shade 506 for a bright, intense and shocking pink lip. Ecstasy Lacquer is Giorgio Armani’s latest lip innovation, offering the shine of a lacquer, the moisture of a balm, the hold of ink and the intensity of long-lasting colors (available September 2015).”
Step 7: Nails 
“Nails are bright pink with custom-made Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer by the Armani Runway Lab, called “shocking”, on hands and feet.”