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Buy Now: GlamGlow Powercleanse Daily Dual Cleanser

By Klaudia Tirico / May 13, 2015

As the humidity kicks in, we can’t help but feel greasy the second we walk outside. I, for one, can feel my makeup melting off my face in seconds. The only way to survive this East Coast heat looking flawless is with a great cleanser, and GlamGlow’s new Powercleanse is already on rotation in my bathroom. You know how the brand’s cult Powermud mask goes deep down into the pores to cleanse skin? Well, this mud and oil wash is basically a daily version of the same powerful treatment. 
Powercleanse is a unique combination of mud (made with green clay, kaolin clay, rice bran and oat extracts) and antioxidant-rich prickly pear oil that, when mixed together, wash away makeup, impurities and dirt buildup. Just like a clarifying shampoo eliminates product buildup in hair, this baby foams up to rid your skin of all unwanted impurities. The large bottle consists of two pumps, one that dispenses the mud and another that dispenses the oil. They’re separated in the bottle to maintain the efficacy of both formulas. After three or four pumps of each, mix the formula in your hands and lather it up on your face for the deepest clean. It even helps maintain the results of your favorite weekly GlamGlow treatment. 
The formula smells like a juicy green apple (great for waking you up in the morning) and is beyond gentle. Unlike other cleansers I’ve used, this one won’t irritate the eye area either. #Score! I love how soft and hydrated my skin felt after every wash; it doesn’t feel tight or dry by any means. To say that this cleanser is superb and ideal for summer would be an understatement. 
The GlamGlow Powercleanse Daily Dual Cleanser is now available at Sephora for $39.