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Get the Look: Glitter Sandwich Nails

By Margaret Fisher / July 16, 2014

To me, glitter never goes out of style. Especially not when it comes to nails. But that doesn't mean you didn't stock up on a few too many sparkly polishes when they were all the rage a few years back.

The answer to repurposing your forgotten glitter polish – or getting the look of that elusive indie polish you've been lusting over – is a glitter sandwich. The glitter sandwich is a look achieved by doing a coat of sheer polish, followed by a coat of glitter polish, and finished off with another coat of the sheer polish. This leaves you with a finish that looks like the glitter has been suspended or sandwiched between the color. 

The art of creating a perfect sandwich (edible or not), is all about the toppings, right? The glitter sandwich is no different. All you need are two key polishes. The first is a solid color that applies in sheer, even coats, and the second is a glitter polish with a clear base. If your glitter polish is too opaque, it will cover up the base color completely and lose the depth of the manicure. Personally, I prefer a chunkier glitter, which can give you a look similar to Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air or Across the Universe

To get the look above, I used  Jin Soon Nail Polish in Tea Rose and Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Nail Lacquer in Clearly Spotted.

Once you have the basics down, the great thing about the glitter sandwich is that you can get different looks and more depth by continuing to add layers and see what you like!