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WATCH: Here’s Proof You Can Get Red Carpet Hair in 5 Minutes or Less

March 3, 2014

If only we had a Hollywood hairstylist on speed dial, an extra couple hours of getting-ready time, and the perfect diamond-encrusted accessory, we’d be sporting a red carpet-worthy chignon everywhere from date night to happy hour. Instead, we tend to favor messy buns and easy ponytails. #lazygirlproblems
But after seeing how simple these how-to videos make awards show-inspired hairstyles look, we’re inspired to try something new. During Sunday night’s show, Goody posted a series of real-time #AwardWinningHair DIY hair tutorials based on red carpet looks. We would have never guessed that styles like the Faux Bob or the Downtown Downdo take so little time and effort. And they don't even require hairspray.
Watch these quick videos and see how easy it is to master two versatile styles.
Downtown Downdo
The Faux Bob
This post is presented by Goody Hair. For more #AwardWinningHair styles, check out Goody's all-new Tumblr page!