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Matte vs. Glossy Hair at Kimberly Ovitz Spring 2013

By Polly Blitzer / September 7, 2012


Joined fishtail braids at Kimberly Ovitz. Photo: Getty Images

We typically think of makeup when we hear words like "matte" or "glossy." But they were applied in a beauty different realm - hair! - at the Kimberly Ovitz Spring 2013 collection. Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders created interlacing braids with contrasting shine and mussed-up texture. 

We took inspiration from a few different nomadic tribes and developed a look that contrasts a matte, multi-textured tail with a shiny, severe front.

Beenders and her team created a clean, slick look in the front by spritzing damp hair with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray and brushing it back against the head. They wove two loose fishtail braids, twisted the braids together and massaged them to create a rough texture. How did they get the ultra-glossy front? They spread Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine over the slicked-back top and smoothed it with a kabuki brush to create mirror-like glossiness.