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Behold, a Chic Topknot for Shoulder Length Hair

By Klaudia Tirico / May 27, 2014
The blunt bob is having a moment right now, with everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Beyoncé getting in on the action. But as someone with above-the-shoulder-hair, I know how hard it is to not wear the same style every single day. One of the looks I miss the most is the top knot. It was always my go-to when I needed my hair out of my face and off my neck during the summer. Now that my hair is shorter, I can’t even get a mid-pony without my strands falling out at the nape. #bobproblems 
But who says you can’t rock a topknot with a bob? I recently started wearing a half up, half down knot that looks just as chic as the full head version. The best part? You don’t need short hair to wear the look; it looks awesome on long hair, too! Follow these easy steps to get the look. 

What You’ll Need:
- one small rubber elastic 
- a handful of bobby pins
- a paddle brush (I used the Eco Tools Smoothing Detangler Hair Brush)
- dry texturizing spray (I used Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Texture Spray)
- sea salt spray (I used Garnier Fructis De-Contructed Beach Chic


Get the Look: 

Step 1: Start by spraying your dry hair with some sea salt spray for better grip. 
Step 2: Make a bungee out of two bobby pins and a hair elastic. Simply loop both pins into the rubber band at opposite ends. 

Step 3: Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail at the crown. 
Step 4: Stick one of the bobby pins of the bungee underneath the ponytail and wrap the elastic around the pony before inserting the other bobby pin to secure. 

Step 5: Split the ponytail into two sections and backcomb each section with the paddle brush. This will help make your topknot look fuller. 
Step 6: Twist the two sections around each other. Wrap the twist around to make a top knot. Secure it with bobby pins. 
Step 7: Add some volume to the bottom half of your hair with the dry texturizing spray.
Plus, here are three more ways to wear your shoulder length hair.