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How Often People Really Shower + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 19, 2015

Photo: Getty Images

These strangely fascinating charts show how often people in various countries shower. The findings? “Americans attested to showering more frequently than the Chinese, Brits, and Japanese, where respondents said they take about five showers per week, but not nearly as often as people in Brazil and Colombia, where people seemingly sometimes take more than one shower per day.” [The Atlantic]
It’s no secret that Pat McGrath is one of the world’s most masterful makeup artists. Here, supermodels like Karlie Kloss and Caroline Trentini share the best beauty tricks they’ve learned from fashion’s favorite face painter. [Vogue]
To celebrate the launch of Fresh’s zodiac-themed soaps, celebrity astrologer Susan Miller created 12 horoscope forecast videos for the brand. Find out what’s in store for your sign in 2015. [YouTube]
Tattoo removal lasers may become a thing of the past. A PhD student has developed a topical cream that makes fading ink cheap, easy and painless. [CBC]
The backstage beauty at Fashion Week has got nothing on the primping pups of the Westminster dog show. [The Cut]