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If Pantene Ruled the World. . .

By Polly Blitzer / April 22, 2013

Remember that Tears For Fears song, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World?" I must have sung it on a loop for the greater part of 1985.
Pantene has a new spin on the idea of ruling the world. The brand recently launched a campaign based on the hypothetical question, What If Pantene Ruled the World? Imagine if Pantene had real super powers. Let's go there, dear readers. If Pantene ruled, what would you want the brand to be able to do?
While you're kicking around ideas about world peace and obliterating taxes, we have some of our own to share. Here are our top three Pantene super powers.

1. If Pantene Ruled. . .hats would give you hidden, stealth blowouts on the way to work.  

2.  If Pantene Ruled. . .you could clap away frizz. Rainy days would get a standing ovation, right?

3. If Pantene Ruled...you could clear traffic by swishing your hair back and forth. 

You can check out other examples by searching the #PanteneRules hashtag on Twitter or checking out Pantene's Facebook page.
Tell Pantene which rule you think should be shouted from the cyber rooftops, and you could win an amazing prize of Pantene products in return.