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Juice + Food = The Happy Cleanse from Bliss & Joulebody

By Klaudia Tirico / March 5, 2013

I've done a number of juice cleanses in the passed year: Organic Avenue, Blueprint, Cooler Cleanse, you name it. Although I felt great after completing them, I was starving during the three day span. It's safe to say my juice cleansing era is over. Enter Bliss and Joulebody's Happy Cleanse. They've teamed up to bring us a full detox cleanse that actually let's you eat solid food. Now there is really no excuse to not give your body some TLC and take a break from all the junk you've been putting inside it.

The Happy Cleanse is based on the idea of "healthy living for healthy detox." Apparently is much kinder for the body than starving yourself. But, let's make one thing perfectly clear, you don't get to eat foods you would eat on a regular day basis - it is a cleanse after all! The Happy Cleanse offers a three day program filled with pure juice and fresh, vegan, gluten and dairy free food. You get snacks, dips, soups, meal replacement bars, the works! But, it's all the best food you can put in your body (even if it's not the tastiest).

Before I tell you about my experience with the Happy Cleanse, let me tell you that I am a junk food fanatic. My New Year's resolution was to quit drinking Red Bull. The fact that I had to do that just goes to show you how terrible of an eater I am. I do go to the gym, though! Sometimes. Anyway, I like savory, greasy, sweet foods like everyone else, so when I first heard that I can actually eat during this cleanse, I was thrilled. Then it came to the office and I was terrified. Everything was extremely healthy. Almost too healthy. But I stuck with it and it wasn't all that bad. I enjoyed the cookie snacks, and the juices were delicious. Each item is marked with a day and time to eat it and as long as you follow the instructions, you'll be fine. Plus, if you get hungry, you can even grab some fruits and veggies from your fridge and enjoy them, too!

Here is what a typical day's menu looks like:
Grapefruit Mint Juice
Meal Replacement Ginger Bar
Root Ginger Soup
Sunflower Falafel and Vegan Tahini
Sprouted Quinoa Tabouli
Berry Carrot Juice

The Bliss x Joulebody Happy Cleanse is available only at blissworld.com for $279 (for three days worth of food and juice). Once you've made your order, you can decide when to take the cleanse and they will send it to you the night before you begin. They will also send you instructions for before and after the cleanse so you can just sit back and enjoy your detox.

Here's to a healthier you!