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Kaley Cuoco Slays In Pink Brows and Braids for Mane Addicts

By Klaudia Tirico / September 2, 2015

Photo: Mane Addicts

Haley Cuoco is not afraid of experimenting with beauty. From chopping her blonde locks into a pixie to rocking a color block teal and green cat eye, Cuoco has what we like to call some major beauty balls. We didn’t think they’d get bigger, but based on her editorial with Mane Addicts, we’ve been proven wrong. Cuoco poses for the site rocking candy pink hair and brows, and even dabbling in a little gold leaf. Her shocking (in the best way) looks came courtesy of her longtime friends, stylist Christine Symonds, colorist Vanessa Spaeth, and makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. 
This editorial proves that pink hair, brows and makeup don’t have to be clownish. The crown braid adds an even more feminine touch to the already girly-girl look, while the cornrows in the back make it edgy and cool. And good news for short-haired girls who thought they couldn’t wear braids; you can! Symons explains, “a tip for girls who have short hair and want to try braids is prep the hair with a tacky texture spray. I love using either a dry shampoo or the Osis Dust It Texture Powder. They just give the hair some grit so that all the little hairs stay together instead of sticking out of the braid. I also love to use bobby pins in the same color of the hair, so it’s easy to slip into the braid to tuck away pieces that are really short. They just give more control when you create the shape of the braid.” 
See the full shoot and find out what Cuoco’s favorite hair products is, go to ManeAddicts.com.