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Kate Hudson Is a Romantic, Dips Her Face in Ice Water

By Klaudia Tirico / December 5, 2012

This week, I celebrated the launch of Almay's new products for January 2013 with a cocktail hour hosted by their Global Brand Ambassador, Kate Hudson. Aside from getting my makeup done with the new products, including the intense i-color Bold Nudes and the Smart Shade Mousse, I got to have a quick chat with Kate about her work on Glee, her partnership with Almay and must-have Almay products, and her skin de-puffing remedy (which includes a bowl of ice water!).

Klaudia Kaczmarek: What is it like to work on Glee?

Kate Hudson: It's so much fun! You hope to make choices in your life that are creatively enjoyable and when (Glee co-creator) Ryan [Murphy] asked me to come and do it, I just did not hesitate. I knew it was going to be such a blast, and it hasn't disappointed. My character is so fun. The lines sometimes make me think, 'I don't know if I can say this.' The one thing I found shocking was that you couldn’t train for Glee because you only get six hours of rehearsal. But, it does take me back to dance class. I feel a lot more of my dancer body now than before I started the show.

KK: Tell us about your partnership with Almay.

KH: It's been a couple years, so it's like a family now. I remember I was shooting in New Orleans and they called and asked if it was something I would be interested in.  I never wanted to promote anything or become an ambassador unless the brand had a message. If I'm going to be selling a product to a consumer then it has to stand for something and be relatable and affordable. And when I met with them it was amazing. The first thing they told me was how they came about. Al was the man who created this line for his wife. She had such sensitive skin that she could never buy any makeup. He literally created a line for his wife so she could wear makeup. Isn't that cute? I'm a sucker for romance. And then I got to use the products. That was the big thing for me because I don't want to sell products that I can't say I use. I don't want to say I use it while I'm throwing it into the trash. So they sent me all these products and I just started using their Smart Shade products. The products are great and they care so much. They've been so passionate about it. They are real collaborative and believe in the product. I love that. I also feel like a real part of the company.

KK: What are your favorite Almay products?

KH: I wear everything. My all-time favorites are the eye makeup remover pads and makeup eraser sticks. I use them all the time. My next would be the foundation, because it's so easy and I can just use my hands when applying it. I also love the eye shadow and eyeliner.

KK: What's your best beauty tip?

KH: A makeup artist once told me that an actor would put his face in a bowl of ice water (just a bowl of ice with a little bit of water) when his skin was really tired. He would just stick his face in, try to be in there as long as he could, come out, dab the water off and go back in. So I started doing it when my skin felt tired. It really works! Your face just de-puffs.