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Kate Mara's Sleek, Braided Bun

Now that the weather is warmer, it's all about exposing the neck to stay cool. Kate Mara got the memo when she attended the White House Correspondence Dinner. To complement her white Prada gown and smokey eye, hairstylist Brian Magallones created a sleek low bun with a braided accent. Get the full scoop on how to recreate Kate's look at home. 

Get the look with these picks:

  • Kate Mara's Sleek, Braided Bun

    Curling Iron

    Brian started off by curling Kate's hair with this curling iron. When creating up dos, Brian recommends always curling the hair first. "Having a curl in the hair helps to get the finished look as clean as possible. If the hair is straight then there will be too many fly-aways and the end result can look very static."
  • Kate Mara's Sleek, Braided Bun


    Next, he parted the hair deep to the side and at an angle. Then, using this gel wax, he pulled her hair back into a sleek pony tail at the nape of the neck and secured it.
  • Kate Mara's Sleek, Braided Bun

    Hair Pins

    Brian took a one inch section of hair from the ponytail and braided it. He took the remaining hair and twisted it into a bun, securing with pins along the way (leaving the braid out). Once secure, he took the braid and wrapped it around the bun. "It's always a nice way to add texture, and take a simple bun to the next level."
  • Kate Mara's Sleek, Braided Bun


    Brian finished the look off with this hairspray and a light shine mist "to keep her look looking sleek and chic all night long."