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Yes, That’s Really Katy Perry Under All That Special Effects Makeup

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / April 22, 2014

If you thought the slime green hair was out there, wait until you see this. Katy Perry is debuting a new video this week called “Birthday,” and today the pop star has released a teaser that introduces us to the upcoming video’s six different terrifying characters, all played by the singer herself. Some serious special effects makeup went into transforming Perry into the “World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers.” She’s basically unrecognizable as an old woman, a stereotypical Jewish comedian, a lime green-haired clown (a nod to her dye job?), an animal trainer and a Paris Hilton-esque face painting princess. We’re not sure which one of the characters will end up haunting our nightmares tonight, but we already can’t get the image of those painted on cleavage age spots out of our minds. Yikes.