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Katy Perry's Perfect Blowout

With a new album set for release in October, Katy Perry is looking better than ever - no more pastel hair and cupcake bras for this lady! She recently stepped out looking super chic in a blue Tadashi Shoji dress and pretty curls for the Smurfs 2 premiere. Katy's overall look was a collaborative effort between her stylist and hair dresser, Jen Atkin. "Katy Perry's stylist, Johnny Wujek, is a really great friend of mine so it's always fun when we get the opportunity to work and collaborate together," says Jen. Katy wore a gorgeous blue Tadashi Shoji dress that was very glamourous, but still fun, so I wanted to keep the hair in that same vein." She gives us the details on how to get her look below! 

Get the look with these picks:

  • Katy Perry's Perfect Blowout


    "It's important to start this style with a solid foundation, and that begins with washing the hair," says Jen. I like [this] shampoo and conditioner because they support any style by nourishing the scalp and hair without weighing it down.
  • Katy Perry's Perfect Blowout

    Blow Dry

    "After washing, blow dry with a round brush for fullness. I am loving the new Harry Josh Pro Tools Blow Dryer because it gets hair full and smooth, and it is super lightweight."
  • Katy Perry's Perfect Blowout

    Curling Iron

    "Once dry, set a deep side part and curl large sections of the hair under with a medium-sized curling iron," says Jen.
  • Katy Perry's Perfect Blowout


    Loosen the curls by brushing the hair out with a boar and nylon bristle hair brush. "Tuck the parted side behind your ear and secure with bobby pins, if needed," she adds.
  • Katy Perry's Perfect Blowout

    Hair Spray

    "Finish with a light veil of hair spray," says Jen.