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Two Haircare Steps You Didn't Know You Needed (But You Do)

By Klaudia Tirico / January 31, 2014

Between flaky skin, dry cuticles and itchy sweaters, winter really knows how to cramp our style. On top of that, sporting a 'do that resembles a pile of hay can really put a damper on your mood. The worst part is that dry hair isn't just a winter issue. Oxidative damage can happen anytime, and the results aren't pretty. 
Kérastase is taking matters into their own hands by revamping their beloved Nutritive collection using a very special ingredient known to fight oxidation: the iris flower. Combined with active, nourishing ingredients, the iris extract in the products acts like radar for dry strands, targeting dehydrated areas and providing moisture where necessary. 
In addition to including the Irisome Complex in the existing line, Kerastase has added two, brand new products that promise to keep dry hair nourished to the max. First, a pre-shampoo treatment dubbed Immersion Nutritive ($42). Basically, the product preps the hair to be more permeable and to allow the following products to be more "receptive." Sure, it's an extra step in your routine (you leave it in for 10 minutes and rinse it out before you shampoo), but the way your hair feels (and smells) after just one application of the sorbet-like formula is kind of amazing. 
Next up, your future handbag essential: Touche Perfection ($35), an on-the-go touch up balm that's basically like Chapstick for your hair. But we must warn you, it's addicting. It's made with polymers that promote manageability, keeping ends nourished and under control. Plus, UV-filters were added to provide protection against sun damage. Guess you'll need one for your beach bag come summer, as well. Apply a dollop of Touche Perfection onto ends anytime, anywhere and automatically feel a difference. No matter how much you apply, your hair will never get greasy, promise! 
We're going to go ahead and predict that both Immersion Nutritive and Touche Perfection will become cult favorites. We're already addicted. Both are available now at salons and Kerastase.com