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Kiss Tornado Dryer Blows Us Away

By Polly Blitzer / March 15, 2013


Photo: Getty Images (left), Courtesy of Kiss (right)

Like most of you, I have a love-hate relationship with my hairdryer. The love part is easy: it helps me style my hair, removes the post-shower moisture and prevents hair icicles in the winter. But the hate part kind of overwhelms: the insane noise. The soundtrack of my hair would sound something like a motorcycle whizzing along I-95, gunning its engine with bravado. Dryers are also heavy when you're holding one over your head for half an hour. I wonder if we develop a larger Blowout Bicep in the winter, when drying is essential. Another gripe? There's so much vibration from the dryer's motor that my teeth nearly chatter. To be honest, I'd rather spend the money and time at a salon just to avoid waging war in my tiny bathroom with a loud, heavy hair machine. 

My friend Jen told me about a new dryer, the Kiss Tornado 360. I gave it a whirl, because I trust her beauty opinion and know her hair has looked good without interruption for the last 10+ years that I've known her. So here's the very exciting verdict: The Kiss Tornado isn't loud. You can have a conversation while drying your hair, which is a first for me. Also, the air flow is really cool. The flow of air comes out of a nozzle that rotates in circles, as if hula-hooping. The official name for this phenom is a "rotating air booster." What's great about it is that you don't get any of that vibration, and your wrist doesn't suffer through back-and-forth motions. Also, it's super quick. You won't believe how many minutes this shaves off your beauty regimen. It distributes air evenly through your hair, so it works more efficiently and removes moisture in far less time.

Now, finally, drying your hair is easy, quick and completely painless! And your hair will thank you, too, because you won't get damage, frizz or split fried ends. All the more gratifying, wouldn't you say? The Kiss Tornado 360 is worth your while, ladies.