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The Lady Project: Skincare Regimen

By Jena Kingsley / December 20, 2012

In The Lady Project series, we dispatch a decidedly low-maintenance reporter to get lacquered and buffed in the name of beauty. For this installment, contributor Jena Kingsley tests out one of NYC’s most popular grooming services.

I have dry skin. I just do. No matter how much water I drink, no matter how much moisturizer I coat myself with, I have dry skin. It’s my thing. I own it. Whenever I go to makeup done (once every four lifetimes), the makeup artist mentions it to me.
“Oh, you have really dry skin. Do you use moisturizer?” 
"Yes! Yes, I use moisturizer. From head to toe. I even use things you aren’t supposed to use because they are considered oily and pore-clogging just to moisten myself up like coconut butter. I’d use Crisco if I didn’t find it so repulsive."
Like any girl, I dream of that dewy glow. But the problem gets worse you see…because dry skin…makes you look, well, old. Every fine line you have is accentuated by dry skin. The other problem? My freckles. Sure, people say they are cute. And, I have to say; many a male suitor has liked them. But as I get older, they get a little darker, and -  gasp - I wouldn’t want them to be confused with dreaded age spots. So what’s an alligator like myself to do?
I asked someone with the most flawless skin I know, Julie Macklowe, creator and founder of vbeauté. “I can help,” She said with total and complete confidence “Try my vbeauté regimen for 30 days and get back to me.” Something about the way she said it was very Mr. Miyagi-esque. I glanced at her glowing skin, and it seemed to be working for her so I was in. Inner than in.
I just dove head first into the vbeauté cult. Julie Macklowe quickly became the David Koresh of my skin.
Okay, so here is the other problem. I am not good at sticking to routine or rules for that matter. Whatever the opposite of Type A is is what I am. But I promised Julie I would follow it to a T every day. You know why it’s easy? There is an It Kit, which is beautifully packaged in an elegant gunmetal clutch and comes with everything you need. It also comes with…instructions. Yes. Instructions. On a beautiful deep purple card. I taped them to my bathroom wall so I wouldn't forget.

Week 1 

I follow the instructions. I use the Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator 2-3 times a week and alternate cleansing with the Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming Cleanser on the off days. I also apply Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème, described as an eyelift in a jar for morning and night after cleansing. I also rub some Undercover Agent Anti-Wrinkle Protecting Serum day and night after cleansing and before I put on Buying Time Everyday Crème. I am following directions. Which is rare. But I am desperate for the dewy look I so crave.
Every morning I wake up, I notice a difference in my skin. The moisture actually stays and doesn't disappear afrer the creams sinks in. It’s doing something. Not sure what exactly but something. I wake with dewy skin and it’s fabulous.

Week 2 

I am religiously using Lite Up Intense Brightening Treatment, hoping it will lighten up my freckles. I will keep you updated on this one. I am absolutely obsessed with the Lip Spread Anti-Age Tinting Lip Gloss. Not only is it the most luxurious lip balm I have ever tried, it has the best tint. You know the color of naturally pink fresh lips? That’s the color you get. My best friend, who is adamantly against makeup of any kind, sees me wearing said Lip Spread and can’t stop gushing about how great it looks. She goes to Clydes Pharmacy on Madison Avenue that day to buy two tubes.

Week 3

My under eye area, which is usually incredibly dry, now looks incredibly nourished. I look hydrated and rested. The fine lines have already begun to disappear. I think they could be onto something here!

Week 4

I am a total convert. I am religiously following the steps, and my skin has never looked better. I am glowing. I even get compliments on my skin. “You look great. Your skin looks amazing!” Yep. That happened. I’m now that girl. The girl with the glowing skin.
You know what else is great about vbeauté? All of the elements of the It Kit are perfectly sized for travel so you don’t have to wonder if you will make it through airport security without your cream getting confiscated. The awesome gunmetal clutch makes the perfect holiday gift. So this holiday season, give yourself or your loved ones the gift of flawless dewy skin.
vbeauté skincare, available at specialty shops and at vbeaute.com