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Launching Now: Lazy Summer Days in a Bottle

By Polly Blitzer / January 30, 2014


Whenever I shop for linens, I ask the salesperson for sheets that feel "so crisp that it's like there's air condititioning on the surface." This confuses everyone. Nobody can figure out what I mean. It's not thread count, starch or fancy Egyptian cotton. It might be coolness trapped on a hot day. Who knows? But when I feel it, I instantly pull the bedding up to my chin and wiggle my toes. It's the best feeling.

That sensation is the basis for CLEAN Cool Cotton, a new fragrance that launches tomorrow. I got my hands on a bottle a few weeks ago and have been joyfully spritzing ever since. The blend of crisp green apple and ripe peach mix with the zestiness of lemon peel and subtle cotton flower. There are also hints of fresh mint and bergamot. The overall effect is not something you'd expect from a traditional perfume - it's more moodlifting than aromatic. The brand's description is spot-on: "It captures the optimistic feeling of a sunny day. A vibrant opening brings an uplifting energy to the theme which lasts from top to bottom. This carefree quality is wrapped with authentic touches of nature that recall crisp blue skies, sunshine glows and the soothing texture of clean cotton." If you're not headed to a warm, sunny destination to sink beneath crisp, cool sheets, I recommend you escape this frigid winter with a bottle of CLEAN Cool Cotton.