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Laura Geller Launches the Next Generation of Baked Makeup

By Klaudia Tirico / April 24, 2015

The thought of wearing a heavy foundation during the warm weather months makes me cringe. But let’s face it; not everyone was born with “I woke up like this” skin. I, for one, am certainly not that person. Sure, there are many lightweight, no makeup-makeup options, but sometimes, a girl needs a little more coverage. 
Laura Geller is known for pioneering an artisanal Italian baking technology in makeup. Baked cosmetics have always been powders, and Laura Geller makeup is some of the best formulations on the market. The process of creating baked powders starts with creams that are actually baked like bread until they have dried to a solid. The result is a powder with a luxe, velvety texture that doesn’t require as many “filler ingredients” and is much more pigmented. Now, Laura Geller has created another makeup breakthrough, baked liquid foundation – a first for the industry. 
The brand’s new Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation features a blend of color-correcting baked pigments and a water-rich liquid for long lasting, buildable coverage that nourishes skin at the same time. The process of creating this foundation is a little different from making baked powders. It begins with loose, color-correcting pigments baked on terra-cotta tiles for 12 hours. Then, they are jet-milled so the color correction particles can create a flawless veil on skin. Next, the skin-beautifying elixir is made by adding nourishing and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, a variety of antioxidant-rich extracts and optical light diffusers to water. Finally, the two blends are mixed together to create this weightless, streak-free formula that leaves skin with a radiant, non-cakey finish. 
When I think of a full-coverage, buildable foundation, I think of a full face of thick spackle. But this foundation is the exact opposite. The coverage is undeniable, yet my skin is still able to breathe and shine through the makeup. Because the optical light diffusers in the formula provide a blurred, poreless finish, you don’t even need a primer! But Laura Geller also has a unique blending tool to take your look from naturally flawless to full-blown Photoshopped (in the best way). 
The brand’s Lambswool Paddle Soft Focus Make-Up Blender is like a Beautyblender sponge on steroids. This tiny tool feels like the inside of an Ugg boot and is used to absorb excess product while smoothing makeup in place to look like you just got airbrushed. A few circular motions all over your face works magic. But let me warn you, you’ll find yourself sitting at your desk just grazing it across your cheek. It makes a great stress reliever, too! 
The Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation ($38, nine shades) is now available at Ulta and LauraGeller.com. The Lambswool Paddle Soft Focus Make-Up Blender ($17) can be found on LauraGeller.com.