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Your “Frozen” Elsa Costume Needs This Frosty Lipstick

By Klaudia Tirico / October 23, 2014

Honestly, I don’t know who I am referencing Frozen in the title of this story; I haven’t even seen a second of the movie. But I know what this Elsa character looks like, and considering Frozen takes place in the winter (am I right?), I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Lipstick Queen’s newest launch is going to be the cherry on top of your Elsa costume. Not dressing up as the Disney princess? Doesn’t matter; you should try this lipstick anyway. It’s got 90s written all over it. 
The bullet, dubbed Ice Queen, obvi, might seem scary at first. But I assure you you can wear it every day. While it won’t look like the glittery pouts we saw at Rodarte this season, it’s the closest thing to working the trend into your look without getting weird looks from strangers. It’s flecked with tiny silver and gold crystals that add a pretty shimmer to your pout, but it's also sheer enough to let your natural lip color peek through. Worn alone, it adds an ethereal element to your look, but when you throw it on top of your favorite lipstick, it takes everything to a whole new (and gorgeous) level. Plus, it's got that frosty lips of the '90s element to it - without the feeling of actual glitter on your lips like you might remember. 

Here's what the color looks like on my lips. Pretty, no?

Ironically, the formula also protects your pout from the harsh cold. It’s blended with hydrating natural oils and anti-oxidant vitamin E to nourish your lips, leaving them soft and kissable. 
Get it at SpaceNK for $24 now.