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This Styling Product Gives You Jennifer Aniston Hair Instantly

By Klaudia Tirico / August 21, 2014

Women have been bringing a photo of Jennifer Aniston’s hair to their stylist for years. And while we’re no longer coveting ‘The Rachel’, we’ve spent an endless amount of time trying to perfect the ultimate texturizing cocktail to recreate Aniston’s undone strands. But if all that product layering has left you with sticky, stiff and salty hair, it’s time for a change.
Kiss those drying sea salt sprays goodbye and make room for a texturizing mist that will put all others to shame. No matter what type of style you’re going for — bombshell, bedhead, beachy, wavy, second-day — Living Proof’s new Instant Texture Spray delivers perfect texture that lasts well into day two and three without looking like a hot mess. 
When creating the mist, Living Proof’s scientists had Aniston (who is also the co-founder of the brand) in mind. They teamed up with stylists Ward Stegerhoek and Chris MicMillan to figure out a way to bottle Aniston’s hair. To say that they succeeded would be an understatement. The Instant Texture Mist adds thickness, volume and texture to wet and dry strands using a unique combination of 3D technology, Living Proof’s patented volumizing molecule and “magnetically-charged platelets that create building blocks between hair strands” for an effortlessly tousled look. 
The best thing about the Texture Mist is that no matter how much you spray on, your hair will never feel dirty or dehydrated. Even after you throw your hair up and brush it out hours later, it will keep its shape, volume and texture. It’s basically Jennifer Aniston’s hair in a bottle, and all it takes is a trip to Sephora and 26 bucks. (We’re stocking up in boatloads.)