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You Won’t Believe How Much Lupita Nyong’o’s Hair Accessory Costs

By Klaudia Tirico / October 21, 2014

Lupita Nyong’o rocks a headband like it’s nobody’s business. Whether it’s an embellished Cartier crown or dainty Fred Leighton band, the star and face of Lancôme loves to accessorize her super short hair with a little bling. While those pricey designer pieces would burn a huge hole in our wallets – err, life savings – the one she wore to a dinner event this weekend is so affordable, you can buy one for all of your friends. 
This Henri Bendel Socialite Headwrap has proven to be one of the star’s go-to accessories. She’s been spotted wearing the $58 rose gold stunner once before. You can add that to the long list of reasons why we love her
The head wrap is also available in silver. But you’ve got to move quick, it’s sure to sell out any day now.