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Are Your Lashes Making You Look Old?

By Polly Blitzer / October 16, 2012

Photo via Vitaphone Corp.

Last week, I attended a P&G innovation event for brands like Olay, CoverGirl, Pantene, Aussie and Secret. I can always count on the scientists and marketers from P&G to deliver interesting stats and nitty-gritty science in a way that draws you in. During one presentation, the room was filled with beauty editors perched on their seats, brows scrunched, scribbling vigorous notes. We were lapping up new findings about age perception.

Women with longer, fuller lashes are perceived as 10 years younger than those with shorter, sparser lashes.

Yes, it's true. Might make you think twice before jetting out the door with bare fringe. The scientist also brought up Bugs Bunny and his girlfriend, Honey Bunny. The only features differentiating these bunnies are Honey's red bow and long, fluttery lashes. So in addition to turning back the clock by a decade, lush lashes will turn you into a lady.


We know that other facial characteristics, like wrinkles and dark spots, makes us look older. But the length of our lashes is a new variable.


What's your favorite lengthening or thickening mascara?