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Wicker Nails at Rodarte Spring 2013

By Polly Blitzer / September 12, 2012

Photo: Courtesy of CND

I despised my kitchen chairs growing up. They were antique wood with wicker caning on the seat. They were torturously uncomfortable. I could never stand on them when I needed to reach a top shelf. My feet would break right through. And the woven caning often left decorative red welts on my hamstrings.

But they were beautiful chairs. And I would stare at their peaceful geometry before school every day.

And now, thanks to CND, I'll be mesmerized by a wicker pattern on my fingertips all day.

At Rodarte, CND Nail Artist Michele Huynh designed "Modern Medieval" manicures by weaving strips of matte custom-blended CND Colours in Desert Suede, Frosting Cream and Chocolate Milk over a base blend of high shine CND Colours in Desert Suede and Frosting Cream.

Each nail tip required 15 minutes to hand-detail. But don't you think it's worth it?